California Audiovisual Preservation Project (CAVPP)
Documentation of the land and area that would later become Cal Poly-Pomona, when it was still considered the Southern California campus, or unit, of Cal Poly San Luis Obispo. The land was donated by Jerry Voorhis and his family. The footage may even document the original land donated by the Voorhis', which was only used by Cal Poly students for a short period of time before the campus was moved to the Kellog Ranch.
[00:00:15] Views of a farm outdoors
[00:00:26] Several men wash down hogs in a pen and move them to a different pen
[00:01:00] A truck drives through a gate and onto a cow field
[00:01:42] The cows are fed by the men in the truck
[00:02:00] A man tills a field with several flowers and bushes
[00:02:20] Two men load plants into a greenhouse and arrange flowerpots
[00:03:00] View of the interior of the greenhouse as the men arrange flowers
[00:03:33] Men in front of the Agricultural Mechanics building assemble a tractor
[00:04:00] Blacksmith shop and woodworking shop are shown
[00:04:44] Horses shown walking in a field
[00:05:26] Two men attach bridles to horses and lead them out of the field
[00:05:48] Horses shown in a stable and in a corral
[00:06:15] View of students eating in the cafeteria
[00:06:40] Students walk into the Aeronautics Department and work on machines
[00:07:09] Two men assemble the wing of a glider or airplane
[00:08:30] Students continue to work on assembling an airplane
[00:08:50] A student walks into the Electrical Engineering department and works on copper wire
[00:09:16] Several large machines are shown
[00:09:37] A man climbs a telephone pole and attaches wire to it
[00:10:00] Air-Conditioning laboratory shown
[00:10:57] A machine shop is shown
[00:11:27] Many welders are working on a large work table
[00:11:47] Voorhis Unit title card and buildings shown
[00:12:45] Shots of campus continu