May Action speakers and rallies live from Spoul Plaza, U.C. Berkeley. Rally by ELF, MAO. Moses Hall Speech by Engineering Circle SESPA. ROTC protests at U. Hall and March through downtown Berkeley. Police mobilization on Sproul Plaza. Poetry, Dancing. American Youths for a Just Peace ralley. From speakers mic. Colin Edwards ""The Political Character of Zionism."" Ron Dellums on Sproul steps. SESPA - Khoa Hoc Vi Vient Nam - teach in. Joe Hancock. Clyde W. Professor of Geology. Banning Garrett - actual use of Social Science. David Horowitz - APSA Intellectual paradigm. Female Liberation ralley - HEW complaints at the University. YSA ralley to start ASUC campaign. Reason for campaign, Daily Cal issues, Anita Bennett - the University crack down on ""War Crimes Tribunal"" through obscenity issue. George McGovern at Pauley Ballroom and Upper and Lower Sproul Plaza. Paul Bontelle - ""The Black Liberation Movement today"" Pauley Ballroom.