California Audiovisual Preservation Project (CAVPP)
Original program notes: Theories and Sources of the Origin of the Bay Area Mary Hill, Lanny and Esther Pinola Weds March 21 1990 Geologist Mary Hill has extensively studied and researched the geologic history of the Bay Area and has authored many books for the interested non-geologist. She will discuss the Bay Area’s geologic substructure and origins. A Mill Valley resident for 30 years, she is the creator of “Barrier Beach,” a 1975 film which observes the natural land movements and records the shifting sands of Rodeo Beach through time-lapse photography. Mary was formerly the editor of California Geology, a geologist for the US Geologic Survey, and a teacher at San Francisco State University. Lanny and Esther Pinola, Miwok Indians, will provide a contemporary Miwok perspective on origin myths and the work of two of the major researchers of the Miwok language and culture – Isabel Kelly and Catherine Callahan. They will also present their own process of recovery and interpretation of their culture using anthropological materials. Lanny, whose great-grandfather was Tom Smith, one of Isabel Kelly’s prime informants in the 1930s, will discuss the tradition of storytelling which has been largely lost to the Miwok. Lanny is Kashia Pomo and Bodega Miwok and is the cultural interpreter for Kule Loklo, a reconstructed Miwok village in Point Reyes National Seashore. Esther, a Lake Miwok, is a cultural interpreter and researcher of Native traditions in Northern California.