California Audiovisual Preservation Project (CAVPP)
Documentation of agricultural field trip to Winters, CA in the 1940s.
[00:00:20] Several men look at sheep running in a pasture
[00:00:44] Some shots of buildings and fields
[00:00:55] A bus labeled "California State Polytechnic" unloads men
[00:01:37] Several men sign a logbook
[00:01:51] View of the men walking in the distance across a sheep pasture
[00:02:10] More panning shots of sheep
[00:02:35] Several men look at a full pen of sheep in a barn
[00:02:58] A farmer herds sheep from a pen into a barn
[00:04:00] View of a cow field and an expanse of farmland
[00:05:03] Signpost labeled "A.T. Spencer"
[00:05:15] Dark shots of expansive pasture and dirt road
[00:05:57] Several sheep with long wool in a pen
[00:06:12] Several men hold trophies and pose for photographs
[00:06:48] Sheep herding continues
[00:07:10] A sheep is grabbed from the herd by a man and brought over to the crowd
[00:08:39] Several shots of open pastures with sheep being herded by a dog