Wide-ranging discussion with filmmaker/activist Robert Kramer, made before he would leave the country permanently for exile in France. "Robert Kramer made an important distinction about his films: they were not about the Movement, they were of the Movement. Of their time, just as Kramer himself can be said to have been of his: radicalized by studying philosophy and Western history in college, he was active as a community organizer before helping found the underground Newsreel movement. With his features The Edge (1968), Ice (1969), and Milestones (1975), Kramer made his mark as the great filmmaker of the American radical left. But by 1980, Kramer became a self-exile in Paris, where he had been embraced by the European intelligentsia. From there, he continued his "uninterrupted dialogue with America" in film after film.As unflinchingly political as he was, Kramer was after all an artist, with a strong visual sense and, as critics noted, a literary one as well." See for more information.