California Audiovisual Preservation Project (CAVPP)
Documentation of the Cal Poly president, Julian McPhee, discussing the relationship between colleges in the California State Colleges (CSC) system and the CSC Chancellor, during a time of transition (1962) within the CSC administration. 1962 marked the year Glenn Dumke succeeded Buell Gallagher as CSC Chancellor, a position he would keep until 1982.
[00:00:22] Introductory speaker (Phil?) presents Dr. McPhee
[00:01:17] Applause, McPhee thanks staff
[00:01:46] McPhee explains why he enjoys speaking to the staff in an informal session
[00:03:25] McPhee discusses items he will speak about, including relationships with Chancellor Dumke, '63-'64 budget, long-range planning
[00:04:22] Difficulty in appointing a chancellor
[00:05:00] Chancellor encountering problems upon starting
[00:06:28] Communists on the campus
[00:07:12] Various conflicting political leanings in the state college system
[00:08:11] Pressure on the trustees by various interest groups
[00:09:45] Predictions for enrollment growth in state college system
[00:11:31] McPhee talks about studies made to determine the cost of schooling compared to admission numbers
[00:13:15] Studies requested by the legislature
[00:16:30] McPhee talks about the problems with writing a budget without specifically paying attention to individual schools
[00:18:39] Chancellor says that half of the trustees are opposed to residence halls
[00:19:15] Private colleges are opposed to state colleges having residence halls
[00:22:25] McPhee remembers various Board of Education members from the 1930s
[00:24:53] McPhee will meet with state college representatives and trustees in the coming months
[00:25:57] Cal Poly Long-Range planning
[00:27:07] McPhee talks about meeting with department heads and progress toward long-term goals
[00:28:19] McPhee stresses the importance of the Long-Range planning program