California Audiovisual Preservation Project (CAVPP)
Poly Royal 1955
[00:00:12] Footage of crowds
[00:00:27] Car rolls out onto football field, camera in stands
[00:01:11] Drill team marches out onto field with cavalry
[00:01:46] Military band plays briefly
[00:02:19] A man gives a speech
[00:02:30] Poly Royal Court drives on field
[00:03:02] A woman gives a speech; Julian McPhee in crowd on stage
[00:03:47] Military band plays
[00:04:02] View from band toward crowd in stands
[00:04:08] Trailer Backing contest
[00:04:49] Views of displays being set up
[00:05:50] Men and women gathering together and laughing
[00:06:50] Cattle judging
[00:07:33] Shots of crowd at baseball game; shots of game; one team is wearing Stanford jerseys
[00:08:56] Men speak briefly on football field
[00:09:25] Poly Royal Queens on stage in front of a building
[00:09:48] Queens exit convertibles
[00:10:11] Rodeo
[00:11:58] Nighttime carnival displays
[00:12:21] Rodeo continues
[00:14:42] Outside booths at nighttime
[00:15:33] Cattle judging; very dark
[00:16:15] Booths outside at nighttime
[00:16:33] Exterior booths being set up
[00:17:24] Nighttime displays
[00:18:07] End of recording