California Audiovisual Preservation Project (CAVPP)
Pictures of student farming programs at Cal Poly in 1932 when it was still a high school
[00:00:14] Title cards
[00:00:35] A man sorts eggs according to cards; more men are shown caring for birds as explained by title cards
[00:02:43] A student walks around hen cages and sorts eggs
[00:03:40] Dairy cows are examined and selected
[00:05:18] Cows are led by students
[00:05:54] Some cows are milked
[00:10:10] Sheep are shorn
[00:10:39] Hogs are shown in a field, then get fed by students
[00:12:20] Plants are organized in a greenhouse
[00:13:00] Students plant small bushes outside a barn
[00:13:27] A student irrigates a field with a hoe
[00:14:16] Students near the mission plant a new lawn, Ah Lous house visible
[00:15:46] View of a large silo and additional farm equipment
[00:16:30] A mechanic repairs a piece of farm machinery
[00:17:51] Some men construct farm equipment in a field
[00:18:00] Views of interior of a warehouse for construction