California Audiovisual Preservation Project (CAVPP)
This tape contains a series of cut news packages that aired on the Orange County News Channel focusing on local issues. Clips (times are approximate): (0) 0:00-1:57 Color Bars (1) 2:00-5:17 Judge Richard N. Parslow presides over a child custody hearing , Johnson v Calvert, in Santa Ana, California. Surrogate mother Anna Johnson seeks custody, Dr. Justin David Call, Harold La Flamme, Crispina and Mark Calvert comment on the case, Tricia Takasugi reporting (2) 5:29-7:20 Surrogate Mothers, Joy Dubbord and Christie Montgomery comment on the Johnson v Calvert Case, Michelle Miller reporting (3) 7:39-10:07 MADD sponsors a program at the Westminster DMV for customers to watch videos about the dangers of Drunk Driving while they wait. Janet Carter, Nancy Kryder and Lyle Whitten make comments, Pat Haslam reporting (4) 10:09-11:27 Soldiers depart on the USS Jarrett from the Long Beach Naval Station for the first Gulf War, Fred Fife reporting (5) 11:33-13:49 A report from Washington D.C. on tightening Security and raised Terror Alerts leading up to the first Gulf War Neil Livingstone comments, Sarah Schulte reporting (6) 14:02-15:50 Jim Garcia comments on tighter security measures at the Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton (7) 15:54-18:23 Teen golf sensation Tiger Woods of Western High School plays at the Meadowlark Golf Course in Huntington Beach, Ca. Don Crosby and John Crider comment, Dan Feldman reporting. (8) 18:24-20:00 The trade American Card Barter event comes to Costa Mesa. Sondra Ames and Tony Martinez comment on the benefits of Bartering Michelle Miller reporting.