California Audiovisual Preservation Project (CAVPP)
Summary of Cal Poly's history up to 1966, including an interview with its presiding, and most influential, President, Julian McPhee.
[00:00:00] Leader
[00:00:13] Aerial shot of campus with introduction
[00:00:38] Beginning of history narration over shot of flags
[00:01:04] Early photos of administration buildings with description of grounds
[00:01:46] Photo of first staff
[00:02:12] First World War effect on Cal Poly discussion
[00:02:47] Early photos continue with construction and expansion
[00:03:21] Early photos continue with discussion of gender segregation
[00:03:53] Julian A. McPhee takes presidency
[00:05:02] McPhee's administration discussed further with expansion of classes
[00:05:49] Vince Ray with interview with Julian McPhee
[00:06:12] McPhee discusses early thoughts and feelings regarding Cal Poly
[00:07:50] McPhee continues talking about the state of Cal Poly in the 1930s
[00:08:50] Brief aerial shot of campus before discussion of Vorhees units
[00:09:44] Cal Poly's four-year expansion in 1940
[00:10:04] Discussion of effect of Second World War on Cal Poly
[00:10:36] Shots of campus from 1940s - buildings, tractors, cows, fields
[00:11:02] Kellogg Campus discussed
[00:11:41] Cal Poly in the Fifties
[00:11:54] Aerial shot of campus over discussion of Fifties expansion
[00:12:33] Military parade drill shots
[00:12:46] Re-admission of women to campus
[00:13:14] 1960: The Space Age; aerial footage continues as does campus development
[00:13:50] Shots of campus from 1960s
[00:14:10] Campus footage continues over narration of future Cal Poly expansion
[00:14:52] Learn By Doing emphasized in college philosophy, shots of animals and campus
[00:15:13] Footage of individual students walking around campus
[00:16:08] Footage of students continues
[00:17:05] Facts about ranking of Cal Poly over