California Audiovisual Preservation Project (CAVPP)
News reel from KNTV San Jose broadcast on October 15, 1965; may be combination of the early and late news, includes national, local, sports and weather. According to transcript, stories include students in Berkeley gathered for torchlight parade through Oakland while arguments were still being heard in court for parade permit; later Oakland police turn back the protect march; successful launch of Titan 3-C whose first stage propellant motors were built locally by United Technology Center; retirement of Dr. Smith de France as director of Ames Research Laboratory after 45 years of government service; California's agricultural income may hit record; Roy Butcher, Chairman of San Jose Redevelopment Agency says selection of urban renewal project developer is wide open after Park Center Development Corporation ran into legal problems; non-discriminatory police policy rejected by San Jose civil rights groups; teach-in at San Jose State.