California Audiovisual Preservation Project (CAVPP)
Side 1 1. Jesse Unruh Press Conference, 1970, topics include Campus Disturbances. 2. Jesse Unruh Speech, February 19, 1970, to Sigma Delta Chi, LA Press Club, the ineffectiveness of State Government and reorganization of the legislature are discussed including the idea of a unicameral legislature. Question and answer session follows. Topics discussed include: Political campaign financing, gubernatorial campaign, bussing, UC Student tuition and limiting growing in California. 3. Jesse Unruh Telephone conversation regarding campaign contributions to the Unruh campaign. 4. Unruh Press Conference March 1970, release of financial disclosure campaign contributions, Gubernatorial campaign, Governor Reagan's "confrontational politics". 5. Jesse Unruh Press Conference 1970, Mayor Sam Yorty's Declaration of Candidacy for Governor. Side 2 1. Unruh's Press Conference, Property tax limitations, closing tax limitations. 2. Jesse Unruh Press Conference, School aid legislation. 3. Jesse Unruh Speech, California Bar Association, legal aid, judicial process, criticism of attorneys, Q&A, campaign financing, professional licensing boards. 4. Jesse Unruh Press Conference, December 4, 1969, Los Angeles, Announcing Candidacy for Governor. 5. Jesse Unruh Statement, January 1, 1970 on Governor Reagan's State of the State Message, Property Tax Relief, oil drilling in the Santa Barbara Channel. 6. Jesse Unruh Speech, 1970, to the San Francisco Press, on receiving the Black Cat Award, spoke on the profession of journalism, Gubernatorial campaign, Governor Regan's record, 7. Jesse Unruh Press Conference, Santa Barbara Oil Spill, State Withholding of Tax, Bussing, Campus Disturbances. 8. Jesse Unruh Press Conference, Fragment, Campus Disturbances, William Kuntsler and the Chicago 7.