California Audiovisual Preservation Project (CAVPP)
Interviews by Erv Rasmussen conducted in 1963. Part 1: a) Interview with William Eitel and Jack McCullough, founders of EIMAC, conducted at the EIMAC plant in San Carlos, California; b) Interview with Charles Litton, glassblower and vacuum tube maker, and founder of Litton Industries, conducted in Grass Valley, California. Part 2: Interview with Dr. Leonard F. Fuller, chief engineer of Federal Telegraph Company and later head of U.C. Berkeley's electrical engineering department. Conducted at Fuller’s home in Palo Alto, California. Eitel and McCullough discuss the history of their company; Litton recounts his personal story, his time at Federal Telegraph, the history of early vacuum tube manufacturers in the San Francisco Bay Area, and the background of his own company. Fuller discusses his time at Federal Telegraph Company (1912-1919, 1928-1932), Colin B. Kennedy Company, Emil Portal, his personal story, Otis Moorhead (tube manufacturer in San Francisco), Lee de Forest (21:08 -- Fuller hired him to work at Federal between 1911-1913), Edwin Armstrong (29:00), Robert Wolverton, (former radio inspector in San Francisco), and the Marconi station at Marshall, California. Recordings are part of the Perham Collection of Early Electronics.
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