California Audiovisual Preservation Project (CAVPP)
Interview with Roy Simpson (State Superintendent of Public Instruction), Vernon Sturgeon (State Senator for S.L.O. District, then Legislative Secretary to Governor Reagan), and Louis S. Merrill (General Manager of the Western Fairs Association). The interview is part of a doctoral dissertation project, conducted by a Stanford doctoral student named Richard Dale Moody. The title of the dissertation is "Advocate for vocational education in California: the professional career of Julian A. McPhee" and was completed in 1968.
[00:00:11] Recording begins; Moody repeats names of interviewees
[00:00:55] Moody asks Simpson about knowing McPhee
[00:02:00] Simpson discusses his early knowledge of Moody
[00:03:10] Simpson and Merrill discuss the dates of McPhee at Cal Poly
[00:04:47] Simpson talks about McPhee as a politician
[00:08:35] Simpson talks about his early professional relationship with McPhee
[00:12:00] Simpson talks about the acquisition of the Kellogg property
[00:14:45] Moody asks about McPhee's popularity with other college presidents
[00:18:15] Simpson talks about McPhee's control over his faculty and students
[00:23:20] Moody asks about McPhee as lobbyist
[00:30:27] Simpson talks about the appointments of various directors to the board
[00:33:00] Simpson talks about a man named Seaman at Foothill Community College
[00:35:42] Moody asks about the upside-down approach, Simpson discusses problem-solving at length
[00:51:00] Moody asks about the relationship Simpson has with the president
[00:56:30] Simpson talks about motivation for board members and restlessness
[01:03:00] Moody wraps up interview