California Audiovisual Preservation Project (CAVPP)
Interview with Raymond A. Rydell, in 1967 the Executive Vice Chancellor of the California State Colleges system. The interview is part of a doctoral dissertation project, conducted by a Stanford doctoral student named Richard Dale Moody. The tile of the dissertation is "Advocate for vocational education in California: the professional career of Julian A. McPhee" and was completed in 1968.
[00:00:11] Recording begins, Moody talks about minutes from a trustees meeting
[00:02:40] Moody reads verbatim a recognition of McPhee's excellence post-retirement
[00:05:18] Rydell answers question about McPhee's contribution to higher education
[00:09:11] Rydell talks about McPhee's ability to carry forward the Learn By Doing plan
[00:10:20] Rydell talks about support received from alumni
[00:12:30] Rydell talks about the liberal arts education at Cal Poly
[00:14:10] Rydell talks about various recent changes in the curriculum offered at Cal Poly
[00:16:00] Cal Poly Pomona is discussed
[00:16:50] Rydell talks about the challenge from the Board of Trustees to McPhee
[00:18:32] Moody and Rydell discuss the influence of Cal Poly's applied programs on other schools
[00:22:00] Rydell discusses the effects felt by the loss of McPhee on the state school system
[00:24:20] Moody reflects on the effect of SLO on the larger school system
[00:26:00] Rydell praises Moody for choosing McPhee as a subject of a dissertation