California Audiovisual Preservation Project (CAVPP)
Interview with Chancellor Dumke early in his career as the head of the California State Colleges system. The interview is part of a doctoral dissertation project undertaken by a Stanford graduate student named Richard Dale Moody. The dissertation was titled "Advocate for vocational education in California: the professional career of Julian A. McPhee", and completed in 1968.
[00:00:10] Recording begins mid-sentence, Moody asking about California State College impression of McPhee
[00:01:10] Dumke describes McPhee's career, describing his ambition and success, upside-down curriculum
[00:04:43] Dumke continues to describe McPhee's approach to college presidency
[00:08:45] Dumke discusses McPhee's legislative relationships for university goals
[00:12:40] Moody asks about McPhee's flexibility
[00:16:37] McPhee's personal qualities continue to be discussed
[00:18:00] Moody asks about McPhee's conservative mindset
[00:19:35] Dumke advocates for additional liberal arts education
[00:21:15] McPhee described as intolerant of flexibility
[00:22:00] Interview winds to an end, a few additional deans mentioned
[00:22:42] McPhee's legendary persuasion lamented as something he had never fully realized