Memories to Light
The Gee family of Sacramento was your typical nuclear family living in Suburbia. Mom. Dad. Son. Daughter. Occasionally a pet fish. Dad worked for the government (it IS Sacramento after all), Mom worked as a nurse at UC Davis. Son and Daughter studied hard, took piano lessons, enjoyed summer break playing in the back yard. Being a tech geek (in the 1970s), Dad bought a movie camera and was able to document our lives. The treat of the year was our summer vacations, where we'd all pack into the van and drive across the country for an adventure. We ended up at a lot of national parks as you can see. Today, Daughter Lynda lives in the family house. Mom and Dad live a few blocks away. Son Brian lives in the San Francisco Bay Area. Being a tech geek (in the 2010s) he follows his dad's footsteps and constantly documents his family's lives with his iPhone.