California Preservation Service (CAPS)
Funeral services for infant Gomez (first name unknown) held at Church of Our Lady of Solitude (la Soledad) circa 1942. The five chosen pallbearer girls were the sisters of Ofelia Esparza (photo donor), cousins and a neighbor. Four out of the five pallbearers are in view carrying the casket down the church stairs to the sidewalk. They are all dressed in white dresses and three of them are wearing veils. From the left are: Margaret Mercado (photo donor's cousin), unidentified girl in back of the casket, Evangelina Rivera (photo donor's sister) and Hortencia Mercado (photo donor's cousin). On the stairs in back of them are two ladies and several kids. One of the ladies is possibly the mother of infant Gomez. This image was provided by Ofelia Esparza for inclusion in the Foto East LA collection.