California Audiovisual Preservation Project (CAVPP)
Documentary on the history of Irish immigration and assimilation in San Francisco. Part 1 examines the first wave of Irish immigration to the area, the Irish involvement in the building trade and politics, and their key role in the development of the city's religious, social and political life. Part 2 focuses on the social and family life of the Irish in the days when they were the majority in the now heavily Latino district The Mission; the move to suburbs after WWII; the changing nature of the Irish immigrant; the significant role of the Irish Catholic Church in the life of the city and the crises of faith experienced by many since the 1960s, ending with a look at what cultural traits the Irish had to jettison in order to be accepted into the mainstream of American life. Produced and narrated by Padraigin McGillicuddy. Engineered by Bob Campbell with technical assistance by Monet Holmquist. Partially supported by a grant from the California Council for the Humanities and contributions from KPFA listeners.