California Audiovisual Preservation Project (CAVPP)
The film is a student's Senior Project, documenting the printing process involved for the state's premiere agricultural education publication.
[00:00:16] Title Card
[00:00:52] Introductory summary
[00:01:19] View of a city street in Turlock, CA
[00:01:36] Turlock High School
[00:02:10] Several future farmer students enter a classroom
[00:03:05] Chapter reporter takes notes on a meeting
[00:03:51] Chapter reporter takes notes to Turlock Journal meeting
[00:04:35] Future Farmer Junior Exhibit of dairy cows
[00:05:33] Reporter takes story to newspaper editor
[00:06:12] Chapter Reporter goes to KTUR radio station and reads a broadcast
[00:06:55] Lindskoog Turkey Hatchery owner interviewed
[00:07:32] Reporter takes photograph for magazine publication
[00:07:50] Reporter mails photos off to magazines
[00:08:43] Cal Poly Administration Building and Coomber's office
[00:09:02] Coomber examines photo and article, then writes copy
[00:10:54] Coomber mails copy and engraving notes to the printer
[00:11:12] Production manager of Future Farmer Magazine receives copy
[00:12:00] Typesetting process begins
[00:12:45] Typesetting continues with narration on specific detail
[00:15:57] Printer takes type to be proofread
[00:17:00] Printer casts first proof
[00:17:40] Second printer makes corrections
[00:20:10] Proofing process finalized
[00:20:40] Coomber cuts proof into columns for layout
[00:22:13] Students arrange type into layout
[00:24:16] Page proof set and run
[00:24:00] Stonehead makes a dummy magazine
[00:26:36] Gutters measured and margins laid out
[00:28:36] Pressman checks form integrity and carries it to press
[00:30:52] First printing, pressman checks type height
[00:31:58] Make-ready sheet prepared
[00:33:35] Pressman uses the automatic press to print the pages
[00:34:55] Pre