California Audiovisual Preservation Project (CAVPP)
Dedication of California Historical Landmark No. 836 plaque commemorating the “Birthplace of Electronics” at the corner of Emerson Street and Channing Avenue, Palo Alto, 20 June 1970, where Lee de Forest developed the first vacuum tube amplifier and oscillator while working for Federal Telegraph Company. Recorded by Noel Porter for the Historical Committee of the Institute of Electronic and Electrical Engineers. Part 1: First part of the dedication ceremony held at Old City Hall, Palo Alto, at Newell and Embarcadero. Introduction by Noel Porter, who chats briefly with Earl Goddard about Hewlett-Packard. Statements by Palo Alto Councilman John [Burwall], and Leonard F. Fuller, former Executive Vice President of Federal Telegraph Company (19:00). Part 2: Remarks by Jane Morgan, author of “Electronics in the West;” Thomas Gates, Director of the Space Science Center at Foothill College, talks about plans for the Perham Collection at the Foothill Electronics Museum (20:53). The recording continues at the site of the plaque dedication. Remarks by Marie de Forest (30:00), Candace Perham (31:50), Dr. Leonard Fuller (35:24), Mrs. Ken Kaiser (California State Landmarks Committee). Historic marker is then unveiled. Part 3: Remarks and interviews at post-ceremony luncheon held at Rickey’s Garden Room, Palo Alto. Dan Stone, Chairman, Palo Alto Historical Association, introduces his committee. Brief interviews with Jane Morgan, Philip Williams, Clinton Suydam, [Harold] Middleton, Mrs. Svend Holmstrup, Candace Perham, Harold Lindsay (AMPEX), Marie de Forest. This recording is part of the Perham Collection of Early Electronics.