California Audiovisual Preservation Project (CAVPP)
Couper FFA story / Modesto FFA
[00:00:10] A man tries to fix a plow but is unable to
[00:00:51] A man continues working on a plow
[00:01:07] The man repairs the plow
[00:01:49] A man gets into a truck
[00:01:57] A man drives a tractor across a field
[00:02:10] A man drives a different tractor along a row of trees
[00:02:36] A man uses an engine to drive a grain mill
[00:02:53] A man holding a shovel inspects a ditch
[00:03:08] A man with an FFA shirt studies from books
[00:03:21] A 1950s car, a 1920s car, and a horse-drawn wagon drive on a road
[00:03:46] A man loads a truck full of cans
[00:04:21] View of a chicken farm
[00:04:35] View of a cattle judging competition
[00:04:51] Several men prune bushes
[00:05:02] A pig is herded into a truck with an FFA placard on it
[00:05:19] Several students eat and drink by an FFA sign
[00:05:42] A man walks near a rural house
[00:06:00] Several people load furniture onto a truck
[00:06:13] A boy asks a question to a middle-aged man and is answered by an older man
[00:07:10] View of more livestock
[00:08:13] A man calls to order the Modesto chapter of FFA
[00:08:34] The two men and the boy continue talking
[00:08:57] The boy enters a building and exits carrying books
[00:09:21] The boy and the man walk near a farm and are shown with livestock
[00:09:59] Several FFA publications are displayed on a table