California Audiovisual Preservation Project (CAVPP)
This recording is part of the Anna Halprin Papers held at the Museum. Anna Halprin is recognized as a pioneer of postmodern dance in America and her papers are one of the Museum's most heavily used, drawing inquiries and researchers from around the world. Since moving to California in the 40s, Anna has worked with many of the major names in modern and post-modern music and dance. She pioneered the use of pictorial dance scores in place of choreography, and also focused on incorporating audience participation. She later used dance to help people face real life issues, and integrated therapeutic concepts and techniques into her work. Along with creating city dances for the people of San Francisco, Halprin devised workshops and rituals to help cancer and AIDS patients. Throughout many years of experimentation, Halprin has served as a catalyst for breaking down the boundaries between life and art.