California Audiovisual Preservation Project (CAVPP)
USA: Poetry is directed and produced by Richard Moore (California Beat poet and co-founder of KPFA) and features some of the most well-known Beat poets of the San Francisco Bay Area. Moore was a student of the legendary Josephine Miles at UC Berkeley and a friend of Kenneth Rexroth's in his San Francisco salon days. Those contacts helped put him in the orbit of the now infamous poets in this series. The footage he captured is nothing short of miraculous, a national treasure type time capsule of another, more literary age.
Episode 5 looks first at Brother Antoninus, a Dominican lay brother whose works show an affinity for the poetic style of the late Robinson Jeffers, and then turns to a much younger poet, Michael McClure, who has experimented extensively with hallucinogenic drugs as a means of achieving poetry that speaks directly out of the emotions.