State terror and human dignity in a Guatemalan village: One of the hundreds of villages destroyed by the Guatemalan military was Santa Maria Tzeja. Survivors experienced human rights abuses and in some cases years in refugee camps. This speaker tells of the rebuilding, healing and reconciling in the village as they cope with the past in order to build a dignified future.
Rituals as community resources: Reviews the potentially powerful connection between official responses to disasters and ongoing "natural" community rituals. Offers as an example the comming together of Afro-American communities in Chicago after the homicides of young boys and the homicides of prostitutes. Such issues as racism, community pride, value for self-sufficiency, and religious beliefs were part of the constraints and resources in moving beyond these two disasters
Lessons from the Stockton Massacre: A specialist in refugee emergency reponse addresses the situation in Stockton California when a young white man in 1989 fired an automatic weapon into a schoolyard of children killing minority children and further traumatizing the Southeast Asian refugee community.