This report explores the creation of graphical interfaces for two-player, complete-information, abstract strategy games. My project can be divided into two smaller subgoals. First, I wanted to provide more intuitive graphical interfaces for the public to play games on the web that have been solved within the GamesCrafters research group, doing so through the web interface named GamesmanUni. The GamesCrafters Web team and my work on GamesmanUni GUI has been the creation of Graphical User Interfaces (GUIs) for pre-existing games that previously only had text interfaces, improving accessibility. Both the development of custom GUIs and the use of AutoGUI, an automatic GUI creation system, are encapsulated in this work.

The second goal was to bring the world of combinatorial games to the GamesmanUni ecosystem. Combinatorial games are mathematically quite rich, and are a specialization of abstract strategy games in which the goal is always to get the last move. Although the theory behind the games is regularly discussed in the group, they have not been brought into the main GAMESMAN software infrastructure such as the front-end web interface GamesmanUni. By adding several combinatorial games to GAMESMAN, we hope to expand the scope of games that the GamesCrafters research group will explore.




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