Martyn Dade-Robertson believes that design theory and practice have a significant contribution to make to contexts beyond the built environment. Through the development of core research programs in technology and scientific areas such as Synthetic Biology, his aim is to develop a rigorous intellectual engagement with new types of material systems. Martyn holds an undergraduate degree in Architecture from Newcastle University, MPhil and PhD degrees in Architecture and Computing from Cambridge University and more recently a MSc in Synthetic Biology. Martyn is the Co-Director (with Katie Lloyd Thomas) of ARC (The Architectural Research Collaborative) and Editor for ARQ (Cambridge University Press - Architectural Research Quarterly). He has published more than 30 peer reviewed publications including the book The Architecture of Information (Routledge 2011) and received more than $1 million in research income working on projects which span architectural design and technology and Synthetic Biology. His research group Synbio Construction is the basis for both his research and teaching and the group's most recent project Computational Colloids has received widespread media coverage in the Times, Daily Mail, Science and Reuters among others.