This talk presents the Space Analysis Laboratory (SLAB)'s research and public egagement strategies to build a data-based and cinematic narratives about the vital role of im(migrants) in urban regions. Past visualized research projects include the ingenious sharing of sidewalks between vendors in Ho Chi Minh City, the million people living underground in Beijing, and cognitive ethnic neighborhoods in Los Angeles. Annette Kim is Associate Professor at the University of Southern California's Price School of Public Policy. She also founded and directs SLAB, the Spatial Analysis Laboratory, that advances the visualization of the social sciences for public service. Her research experiments with critical cartography and spatial ethnography to re-conceptualize contemporary urbanism and find more inclusive and humane ways to design and govern the 21st century city. Her books include Sidewalk City: Re-Mapping Public Space in Ho Chi Minh City (University of Chicago Press, 2015) and Learning to be Capitalists: Entrepreneurs in Vietnam's Transition Economy (Oxford University Press, 2008). She received a Ph.D. in urban planning and Masters in design/visual studies from UC Berkeley, Masters in public policy from Harvard University, a bachelor's degree in studio art and architecture from Wellesley College, and was a professor at MIT's Department of Urban Studies and Planning for ten years.