Case file for United States vs. The executors and heirs of Agustín Iturbe, Twenty Square Leagues of Land, Northern California. Includes transcript of the proceedings and related documents.
Granted by the Mexican Congress Feb. 21, 1822, a special grant in Texas; on Apl. 18, 1835, the grant was changed to New Mexico, Upper or Lower California; and on June 5, 1845, it was located in Upper California; all grants to Agustin Iturbe; 400 leagues. No specified land was claimed until the claim was presented to the Board on July 6, 1852, when the 400 leagues were located: bounded by the Sacramento, Putah Creek, east shore of Clear Lake, northerly along the foothills to 41° north, and east to the Sacramento. Claim filed by the executors and heirs of Agustin Iturbe July 6, 1852. Rejected by the Board Dec. 19, 1854. Rejected by the Supreme Court Mar. 13, 1860, because no specific land had been selected. Bowman, J.N. Index of the Spanish-Mexican private land grant records and cases of California, I, 848 (shelved as BANC MSS C-R 17, Bancroft Library).
Associated Case Numbers: Filed Expediente 51, Docket 281, 207 ND




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