Case file for United States vs. Joseph L. Majors, San Agustín [Santa Cruz County]. Includes transcript of the proceedings and related documents.
Granted (1) by Figueroa Nov. 23, 1833, to Jose A. Bolcoff, 0.5 league, and (2) by Alvarado Apl. 21, 1841, to Juan Jose C. Majors; 1 league, by name, and included the preceeding grant. Claim filed by Joseph L. Majors Apl. 30, 1852. Confirmed by the Board Oct. 3, 1854. Confirmed by the District Court Dec. 23, 1857, and appeal dismissed. Patent issued to Joseph L. Majors July 25, 1866, for 4,436.78 acres. The patent is recorded in Santa Cruz. No. 202 General Land Office map. See also Santa Cruz County deeds, I, 216. Bowman, J.N. Index of the Spanish-Mexican private land grant records and cases of California, I, 655 (shelved as BANC MSS C-R 17, Bancroft Library).
Associated Case Numbers: Toma 89, Título 12, Expediente 174, Expediente 233, Docket 208, 180 ND, GLO 202




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