Case file for United States vs. Joaquín Moraga, Laguna de Palos Colorados [Contra Costa and Alameda County]. Includes transcript of the proceedings and related documents.
Granted by Castro Oct. 10, 1835, and titulo issued by Alvarado July 31, 1841, to Joaquin Moraga and Juan Bernal; 3 leagues, by name. Claim filed by Joaquin Moraga Feb. 15, 1853. Confirmed by the Board Jan. 23, 1855. Confirmed by the District Court Mar. 24, 1856, July 21, 1874, and July 27, 1874. A new survey ordered by the Circuit Court Dec. 4, 1874. Patent issued to Joaquin Moraga and Juan Bernal Aug. 10, 1876, for 13,316.25 acres. In Contra Costa County 13,160.02 acres; in Alameda County 156.23 acres. Bowman, J.N. Index of the Spanish-Mexican private land grant records and cases of California, I, 299 (shelved as BANC MSS C-R 17, Bancroft Library).
Associated Case Numbers: Deposited Expediente 14, Expediente 249, Docket 590, 276 ND, GLO 123




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