Massive multiple-input multiple-output (MIMO) wireless communications systems operating at millimeter-Wave (mm-Wave) promise to be an enabling technology for high-capacity, next-generation mobile networks. This work describes the design of an integrated high-bandwidth analog baseband section receiver for the receive chain of such systems, and utilizes several circuit techniques to address the challenges and issues encountered at such bandwidths. By leveraging the Berkeley Analog Generator (BAG) framework, the layout design process for the analog baseband can be captured for efficient portability to different CMOS technologies. To demonstrate the concept of the generator-based design, iterations in 28nm bulk CMOS and 16nm FinFET have been produced, while maintaining performance comparable to the reported state-of-the-art. A test chip of the 28nm iteration has been fabricated, projected to achieve variable gain from 3 to 39 dB and bandwidth of 2.5 GHz set by fourth-order filtering while consuming 16 mW from a 1 V supply, according to layout extracted simulations.




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