Ultrasound imaging systems are essential for breast tumor detection, stenting operations, and other endoscopic imaging applications. A beamforming array of silicon microring resonators (MRRs) is a promising solution for ultrasound imaging, as MRRs have been shown to have high sensitivity and high bandwidth. The power hungry circuitry of the analog front-end can be easily remoted outside of the body through a probe tube due to the small diameter of optical fibers. Using a comb laser, it is possible to interrogate an entire row with just one input. This helps reduce the probe tube size even further, as each input for a row requires a single optical fiber. With small diameters and remoted analog front end, the ring sensors can be compacted into a much smaller area, thus enabling higher bandwidth and higher resolution images. This technical report presents ultrasound receiver measurement results as well as photonic layout and analog designs for potential future generations of the project.




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