Interviews with students, service providers, state rehabilitation counselers, and university administrators connected with this pioneering experiment in independent living provide the context for understanding the development of the concepts and political strategies of the independent living/disability rights movements both in the Bay Area and nationally. Many residents in this program went on to become community leaders and their interviews also document their later activities in the disability community. In process. Interviews with EDNA BREAN, rehabilitation nurse, Cowell residence program; HENRY BRUYN, medical director, Cowell Hospital; CATHERINE CAULFIELD, first woman student in the Cowell program; activist in disabled community health issues; MICHAEL FUSS, participant in organizing UC Physically Disabled Students Program, first assistant director; KAREN GOODWYN, Dept. of Rehabilitation counselor assigned to residence program students and Computer Technology Program; SUSAN O'HARA, student in Cowell program, later director of DSP; EDWARD V. ROBERTS, first student in Cowell program; later director state Dept. of Rehabilitation, founder of World Institute of Disability; ZONA ROBERTS, first counselor in the UC Physically Disabled Students' Program, mother of Ed Roberts; ELEANOR SMITH, first rehabilitation nurse in Cowell Residence Program; PETER TRIER, student in Cowell Residence Program; JOHN VELTON, state Dept. of Rehabilitation program supervisor of Residence Program project; HERB WILLSMORE, student resident at Cowell, president of Rolling Quads; JEAN WIRTH, counselor who directed Ed Roberts to UC Berkeley and later employed him in an experimental college.




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