High voltage miniature devices such as printed thin film transistors and MEMS components used in IoT devices have been demonstrated. However, powering these devices still remains a challenge as common voltage sources such as coin cell batteries have a large device footprint and are not integrated into the device. Printed batteries are an emerging solution to providing on board power supplies due to their small form factor, design flexibility, ease of manufacturing, and low fabrication cost. In this work, a fully printed battery array consisting of six Zn-Ag2O cells is demonstrated. This work highlights a fully printed battery system that utilizes a vertical geometry fabricated in ambient air with screen printed thick, small-area electrode films to limit the device footprint and maximize areal capacity. Results have shown that the battery arrays can reach a maximum open-circuit voltage of 9V at current densities up to 8 mA cm^-2 and reach a peak power density of 72mW cm^-2. This work demonstrates the potential for printed battery systems to be integrated into miniature devices that require high voltages.




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