Feminist historian and co-editor of "The new woman's survival catalog," Susan Rennie talks about the suffragist movement with Helene Rosenbluth and Annette Hunt. Rennie discusses the early feminists, Susan B. Anthony, Elizabeth Cady Stanton and others...their efforts and accomplishments from 1848 to 1919. She speaks about the general opposition from the Church, and the linking of the feminists with the Temperance Movement. (Money was poured into the coffers of the opposition by liquor manufacturers for fear the women would vote Temperance.) Rennie claims the "abolitionists sold women out," first using their hard efforts and then excluding them from victory - only male Negroes were granted freedom. The tape ends with a discussion of the factions within the movement, the thirty-year pause in the struggle, and the backlash of the middle class in the popularization of Freud, which defined a woman's search of a wider identity as penis envy, and those who refused to accept predominating roles as castrating females. Produced by Helene Rosenbluth, Annette Hunt, and Mari Elena Vandevier.