Banded reel of actuality from the Women's Pentagon Action on November 17, 1980, held in Washington, D.C, during which over two thousand women surrounded the Pentagon to protest the proliferation of nuclear weapons, the destruction of the Earth and the oppression of women. Begins with a reading of the Statement of Purpose for the Action (women against imperialist war powers - to stop the production of nuclear weapons), which was drafted by Grace Paley; 8:47--welcome remarks in Washington, DC by an unidentified woman; 9:56--actuality of music, chants at rally; 10:55--Bella Abzug statement to interviewer; 12:25--Eleanor Fowler from Bucks County, PA for WILPF comments; 13:41--Caroline Warren, Quaker and "born again pacifist" comments; 14:38--Nia (no last name given), activist in housing and community development, comments; 16:19--comments by Amy Swerdlow, Women Strike for Peace; 17:43--Developing countries representative (name not given on tape) comments.