Tape One (Part A): Judy Pasternak starts by introducing the program that just ended, "Women and the history of music," edited tapes from the "Women in the arts: composers" panel held on May 2, 1980, at CUNY. This was the first part of the Women's music day at WBAI. Next is Jeannie Poole, the author of "Women composers of classical music" who will be talking about and playing recordings of women in classical music. This recording should be Part 1. With her is Barbara Grant, classical music scholar. Program interspersed with requests for volunteers during the pledge drive that was in progress. Also in the studio is Virginia Giordano from Ars Pro Femina. Then Ms. Poole talks more with Barbara Grant. Program originally cataloged as IZ1440 and IZ1394.03. Tape Two (Part B): a production reel with different segments from a Women's music marathon on a WBAI fundraising day. Tape one begins in the middle of a discussion between host Jeannie Gayle Pool and Barbara Grant, an expert on Hildegard von Bingen and Virginia Giordano from Ars Pro Femina about opera for and about women(00:00:00-00:11:15). Next is pitching for WBAI's fundraising marathon by an unnamed host, and later Judy Pasternak on a phone interview with Ina Glaser[sp?] about her workshop on psychological and ethical implications of the nuclear arms race and their impact on nurses. Also on phone is Mary Meredith, a nurse who has worked at Three Mile Island. (00:11:15-00:22:15)(Transition between pitching and phone call is abrupt.) At 22:15 unnamed host introduces folk and blues singer Judy Gorman Jacobs who performs live in WBAI's studio. Original box named "Betsy Rose & Cathy Winter, Judy Gorman-Jacobs, Marion Wade" as being on this tape. Previously titled "Women's music day, Spring 1980" and cataloged as IZ1394A. Tape Three (Part C): contains host Jeannie Poole playing pieces by contemporary American women composers. Pieces played on this reel include Rebecca Clarke Fisken's "Trio"; (Sorrel) Doris Hays - "Sunday nights"; Beth Anderson - "If I were a poet," "I can't stand it," and "Skate suite"; Gloria Coates - "String quartet no.3"; Sara Aderholt - "String quartet"; Daria Semegen - "Spectrum." Guests in the studio are composer Beth Anderson and violist Jill Jaffe from the Crescent String Quartet. Discussion of the First National Women's Conference of Music, which will take place March 1981. This recording was formerly titled "Women's music day, Spring 1980" and cataloged as IZ1394B. Program IZ1221 is likely part of this day of programming, but no tape or CD can be located in the archives.