Elsa Knight Thompson interviews three Bay Area women who have just returned from the disarmament conference in Geneva. They were part of a group of 50 American women who went to the disarmament conference under the auspices of Women For Peace to urge the 17 nations assembled to take positive steps toward world peace. 1. Fred Haines reads an excerpt of I.F. Stone's article "How the Newspapers are Brainwashed and the Neutrals Gulled," which is about the women's visit to Geneva and how the news reaches the world's public. 2. At 14 minutes in, Thompson interviews Dr. June Brumer, Dr. Sadja Goldsmith, and Emily Lewis about the women they met at the Geneva conference, and about their experiences at the conference. In closing, Thompson reads a statement signed by 91 women from the United States, Austria, Canada, France, Great Britain, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, West Germany, and the Soviet Union which they presented along with petitions bearing 50,000 signatures at the Geneva conference. Introduced and produced by Elsa Knight Thompson. Program originally aired on KPFA's Eleventh Hour.