This program is a review of six independent films produced by women filmmakers which were shown at the San Francisco Art Institute on July 15 under the auspices of the Canyon Cinematheque. The program includes a critique by Charles Senger, mixed with the soundtrack of the films, interviews with filmmakers at the showing and an interview with Louise Alaimo, whose film "The Woman's Film" appeared in the second part of the program. This program was co-produced by Charles Senger and Portia Shapiro. The six films are: Standing Water by Sandy Marshall; Promise Her Anything But Give Her the Kitchen Sink by Freude Bartlett; Angel Blue Sweet Wings by Chick Strand; P P 1 by Donna Deitch; Schmeerguntz by Gunvor Nelson and Dorothy Wiley; and The Woman's Film by San Francisco Newsreel. The reporters interview Anne Severson, a professor at the Institute; David Boatwright, Severson's co-producer; woman filmmaker Judy Frickas; Louise Alaimo (includes pre-recorded sound). The Louise Alaimo interview excerpt can be heard in full in BC0247. The entire soundtrack of her entire film is BC0185. No outro. Contains sensitive language.