This program presents tapes selected and edited from a conference called Women and Life on Earth: Ecofeminism in the 1980's, which took place March 21-23, 1980 at the University of Massachusetts in Amherst, Massachusetts. The conference explored the historical and present relations between feminist and ecological concerns. This program is devoted to one panel from the conference, entitled "Women and Life on Earth: The Issues, or, How Women Are Affected By, and Affect, Ecological Issues." Speakers are: Lois Gibbs of the Love Canal Homeowners Association, on toxic waste and its effects; Toby Goldberg of Boston Science for the People talking on genetic manipulation; Nancy Jack Todd of the New Alchemy Institute on women and appropriate technology; Marion Lowe of Boston University speaking on radiation and health; Milagros Padillo of the Connecticut New Directions Program on Occupational Health and Safety speaking on working women and issues safety and health; and Dr. Randall "Randy" Forsberg from the Institute for Defense and Disarmament Studies speaking on threats posed by militarism. The panel was moderated and introduced by author and activist Grace Paley. Discussion about women and the various aspects of environmental concerns. Produced by Eileen Zalisk.