Women Against War event at NYU, June 1980. From the book "Peace as a women's issue: a history of the U.S. movement for world peace and women's rights" by Harriet Hyman Alonso: "On June 10, 1980, soon after the House Armed Services Military Personnel Committee rejected (President) Carter's proposal to register women, "Women, USA" met at New York University for a Women Against War Forum. The meeting focused on such questions as Should Women Be Drafted? and Can Feminism and Militarism Live Together?ਓyracuse University Press, 1993, p. 238). Tape One: Speakers are Bella Abzug, Bonnie Graves (who reads a message from Barbara Timm, mother of an American hostage in Iran), and Blanche Wiessen Cook (introduced by Abzug), professor of Social Sciences at John Jay College, and author of "Crystal Eastman on Women and Revolution". Previously cataloged as IZ1398 (58 mins). Tape Two: Speakers are Barbara Williams, attorney and executive director of the Congressional Black Caucus in Washington, D.C., Gloria Steinem, editor of Ms. Magazine, feminist writer and activist, and a statement from Sister Theresa Kane is read by Dr. Frances Mahoney. Speakers are introduced by Bella Abzug. Previously cataloged as IZ1439B (54 mins). Tape Three: Questions and comments from the audience. Bella Abzug thanks WBAI for broadcasting the event. Previously cataloged as IZ1439A (35 mins).