1. Mandel bawls out audience for its behavior the previous week* (Duration 17 minutes) 2. Translated interview with editor of Ukrainian women's magazine Radianska Zhinka (which means Soviet Woman in Ukrainian) in USSR, who holds a PhD. This portion has the Russian playing in the right channel, while Mandel translates into English in the left channel. Mandel interviewed the woman at the office of the women's magazine in Kiev in June 1979. The editor invited two other women for Mandel to interview, Vera Osipovna and Svetlana Ivanovna.㶥tlana Ivanovna is the manager of a clothing factory with 3800 employees, and Mandel's interview with her can be heard in recording AZ0445. [1] Vera Osipovna is a 70-year-old microbiologist who heads a research staff of 50 people, and her interview can be heard in recording AZ0462 [2]. (17:12-33:00) 3. Phone-in period. (Duration 00:34:00 - 01:01:43) *Station switchboard volunteer, not someone I know, said as I left that he thought that was the best part of the show. I was critical of audience for questions it did NOT ask of 4 Soviet guests on show previous week, and for most of those it did ask. I pointed out that both represented acceptance of manipulation by Carter & media: when he wanted focus on Afghanistan and Olympics and Iran, I was barraged with questions on that. Last week, there was NO question on any of those, nor any to elicit what kind of human beings my Soviet visitors were. (All spoke English) One was a Central Asian woman, Moslem heritage. Despite showing of "Death of a Princess" and "On Company Business" previous week, there were no questions on women in Central Asia, or on CIA, in fifty minutes of phone-in! In English and Russian. 4. An announcement that they will be playing a Dolby calibration tone for the listening audience to adjust the settings on their stereos. No tone is audible. Announcement by John Rieger.