This is a one-hour program of poetry and prose hosted by Pat Millar. Guests are Helena Maria Viramontes, Julia Stein, and Wanda Coleman. The program opens with a ten-minute sound piece by Molly Bosted entitled Abortion Contemplation: A Monologue. Music written by Eric Von Essen, performed by Eric Von Essen and Nels Cline, featuring a song by Bernice Johnson Reagon, performed by Sweet Honey in the Rock. Viramontes reads her short story "The Moths." Julia stein reads poems: Tonight in March -- Myself Undivided -- Give Me Chocolate -- Rosaura Jim鮥z -- Two Children Die in Los Angeles Fire -- The People Were Waiting -- The Vans -- Voices from Hiroshima, August 6, 1945 -- How Soon People -- And I Cried Unto the Lord -- A Song for the Women. Wanda Coleman reads poems: No Woman's Land -- Doctor's Report -- In Search of the Mythology of Do Wah Wah -- 'Tis Morning Makes Mother a Killer -- Dolls -- They'll Starve You. Produced by Molly Bosted. Engineered by Catherine Stifter. Contains sensitive material. This program may have originally aired as part of 'Til Midnight, hosted by Carasa.