This episode of Mandel's focus on the Soviet Union begins with a lengthier introduction than usual. He then plays the interview with Vera Osipovna, a 70-year-old female scientist from the Soviet Union, who discusses her life from the revolution to becoming the head of a large research institute. This interview was conducted by William Mandel at the offices of Radianska Zhinka, a woman's magazine in Kiev, Ukraine, in June 1979. This meeting was hosted by the editor of the magazine, whose interview can be heard in recording AZ0443 [1]. The editor also invited a female manager of a clothing factory, whom Mandel interviewed in recording AZ445 [2]. As in other interviews by Mandel, he plays the Russian in the right channel while he translates in the left channel. Mandel only plays a portion of the interview so that he can open up the phone lines and respond to calls from his listeners.