Albert Ellis gives a lecture at Le Metro Cafe on 2nd Avenue in the Lower East Side, NY on January 19, 1965, sponsored by The League for Sexual Freedom. Dr. Ellis outlines a number of different forms of "civilized adultery" or the trading sexual partners. There is a Q&A at the end. First broadcast on WBAI February 16, 1965. Note on label: FCC inquiry 8300 dated May 28, 1965 included this tape "your comments are requested in view of the fact that adultery is a crime in New York and California; (See American Broadcasting Co., Inc. et al v. United States et al, 110F Supp. 374, 354, affirmed 347 U.S., 284, reciting the license's obligation to "be law-abiding." Reply: "Pacifica holds the view that the program does not advocate violation of the law.".