A celebration of the 10th annual Lesbian Pride Week, featuring poets & artists who will be appearing during this year's events. Alix Dobkin's song "Women Loving" opens the program. Jewelle Gomez reads her poem "Flamingos and Bears". Eleanor Cooper of Lesbian Feminist Liberation talks about Lesbian Pride Week through the years and about the importance of lesbian pride. Ellen Marie Bissert reads her poem "Ode to My True Nature". Karen Brown, writer and director of "As the Dyke Turns: A Lesbian Soap Opera About Coming Out", talks about the play. Linda Grishman reads "She Keeps Coming Up the Stairs". Stephanie Glickman talks about her play "The Paris Project", a project of the Sewer Theater. Clip of the Radical Lesbian Feminist Terrorist Comedy Group performing at the previous year's Lesbian Pride Week. Sunny Wainwright reads "Barnwood Sunday Afternoon (for Peggy)." Arlene Goldberg reads "Bow River, Banff, 1977 (for Myra)." Jewelle Gomez and Devine talk about the Gap Tooth Girlfriends writing workshop and poetry performance group. Jewelle Gomez reads "For Mia Cita". Cooper wraps up the program. Presented by WBAI's Women's Department.