Production reel for the June 30, 1982 episode of The Velvet Sledgehammer, produced by Donna Allegra. Program includes tapes from the 1979 1st Third World Lesbian and Gay Conference in Washington, D.C., featuring 1) segments from the Combahee River Collective workshop on racism with Barbara Smith and Damita Frazier, and audience remarks from Zhane Gray and Harriet Alston of Salsa Soul Sisters in NYC, and 2) Tana from the Asian-American Caucus. Next is a reading from Judy Grahn and Paula Gunn Allen at the Gallery for the American Indian from March 5th, 1982, featuring a poetic history of the word "bulldyke". Last, Donna Allegra reads her poetic fiction story "A Toast of Babatine". Music by Noel Pointer.