Panel discussion on the 1978 Briggs initiative to remove openly gay teachers and workers from schools. Discussion focuses on the African American viewpoint on the Briggs initiative and the impact on the African American and other low-income communities. Panel participants include Ida Strickland from the Third World Fund, Yvonne [Scarlett-]Golden, Principal of Opportunity to High School, Lee Watson of KPFA's Fruit Punch Collective and Third World Gay Caucus, Joseph Waller (aka Omali Yeshitela), Chairman of African People's Socialist Party, Robert Chrisman, publisher and editor of The Black Scholar magazine, Angela Davis of the National Committee Against Racist and Political Oppression, and Cecil Williams of the Glide Memorial Church. Moderated and produced by Avotcja Jiltonilro y Fasanmi. Song "When Will the Ignorance End?" by Blackberri is played at the open and close of recording.