A look at the potential of solar energy and the technical obstacles it faces. The first part of the program, explores its uses -- ranging from earliest times to blueprints for solar space stations. It points out how the use of solar energy would implicate changes in energy use. Written and produced by Peggy Hughes, narrated by Chris Welch and Tiger, edited by Philip Maldari and Gregor Pais, and engineered by John Rieger. The second part of the program is a panel discussion on solar energy with Bruce Wilcox of the Berkeley Solar Group, Ida Burke, the director of Community Services in Contra Costa County, Bill McKee of Pacifica Gas and Electric, and moderated by Aileen Alfandary of KPFA News. Edited and produced by Peggy Hughes, engineered by John Rieger, Karla Tonella and Kevin Vance. Greg Kelley played harmonica. This part of the program begins with a long tone. Program was part of KPFA's Energy Day, March 12, 1980.